Business Organizations and the Law

Course Name

Business Organizations and the Law

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

By allowing for the creation of different kinds of business organizations, society ensures that different kinds of businesses can exist to meet the different demands of the marketplace. These business organizations may appoint individuals to act on their behalf. They also must abide by certain minimal standards regarding working conditions.

For this Basic Completion course, students will contact the instructor who will guide them on all course procedures. Students may query the instructor via e-mail and voice, regarding lessons, readings and interpretation of the materials.

This course is based on an independent study model that allows the student to work through the program in a self-directed manner. Questions and return email communication can be engaged in for clarification and guidance when necessary.


After completing this course, students will have:

  • Learned about the different types of business entities;
  • Determined which business entity works best in what kinds of situations;
  • Seen how to create such business entities;
  • Discover the varied formats of an principle-agent relationship; and
  • Study what federal laws apply to employment situations


Students will complete open-book multiple choice exams on each chapter of material in the course (where the course consists of 11 Chapters). Completion of each chapter is based on achieving a score of 70% or more on tests provided.



  • Partnerships and Other Business Organizations
  • Sole Propietorships and Franchises
  • Partnerships and Special Business Forms 
  • Formation and Financing
  • Directors, Officers and Shareholders 
  • Agency Formation and Duties

  • Labor and Employment Law 
  • Employment Discrimination (Chapter 34); QUIZ