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All Access IRS CE Library

Contact Hours: 180

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Get all the IRS Continuing Education you need for the current tax filing season! Whether you are an Enrolled Agent, AFSP program participant, or have a PTIN and want to get IRS CE Credit this program is for you. Our courses are offered in video and .PDF format and vary in credit hours. We offer Federal Tax, Federal Tax Update and Ethics Tax Courses that will satisfy any CE requirement. Courses are IRS and CTEC approved. Our self-study video courses are the best way to learn and retain your continuing education at your own pace.

The All Access IRS CE courses also serve as a valuable reference tool for tax questions that may arise during tax preparation. The course “library” has an easy look-up feature that allows participants to immediately access desired topics. Not only do you get the credit you need for professional development, you have a convenient tax research tool.

Looking to start a career in tax preparation? The All Access CE package is a perfect place to start. Get a PTIN from the IRS, go through the tax courses on Individual and Business Taxes and you are well on your way. Courses are added and updated on a regular basis.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.


This bundle meets the needs of all tax professionals, whether you are seeking the AFSP designation, fulfilling your state mandatory requirements, your employer's requirements or are simply trying to stay up- to-date with the changing tax laws.


  • 55 CE Courses
  • Over 250 video chapters
  • Over 1000 questions
  • Rapid Reporting to the IRS and CTEC Approved
  • Certification of Completion


Specialty Courses

  • Annual Tax Refresher Course AFTR (Non-Credentialed/Non-Exempt)
  • Tax Year 2017 California Tax Update and Refresher (CTEC) 

Ethics CE Courses
  • IRS Professional Responsibilities, Practice and Procedure
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibilities from a Tax Perspective
  • Ethics Update: Circular 230 Changes and Hot Topics
  • EA Ethics: Enrolled Agent Ethical Standards: Practices and Procedures
  • EITC Due Diligence
  • Tax Return Preparer Ethical Issues
  • Tax Preparers Gone Bad – Volume 1 2

Federal Tax CE Courses
  • Top Ten Tips To Help Your Clients Avoid Penalties
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Federal Tax Matter
  • Taxation of Gifts, Estates and Fiduciaries
  • Deductions For Adjusted Gross Income
  • PPACA Shared Responsibility Payments and Premium Tax Credits
  • Top Ten Tips to Avoid Preparer Penalties
  • Duties, Restrictions, Sanctions and Penalties
  • Business Income and Entities (Accounting Methods and Periods)
  • Filing Status and Exemptions, Filing Requirements and Penalties
  • Income: Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Deductions From Adjusted Gross Income
  • Accounting Methods and Periods and Computation of Tax Liability and Credits
  • Federal Taxation of Entities: Partnerships
  • Capital Transactions
  • C Corporations
  • Corporate Distributions and Other Matters
  • S Corporations
  • Tax Computation and Controlled Groups
  • Business Expenses
  • Rental Activity issues for the small client
  • Passive loss issues for the small client
  • Cancellation of Debt
  • Auditing the ERO