Digital Marketing & Social Media Career Advancement Certificate

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Career Advancement Certificate

Contact Hours: 150

Course Description

Digital marketing now makes up over 50% of most marketing budgets – smart marketers and business professionals are growing their knowledge and skills in digital marketing to drive results and grow career opportunities. Now is the time to take charge and earn your certification in digital marketing to gain an understanding of how to use digital marketing tools to drive business results. We show you everything – from beginner to advanced for small businesses, DIY, agencies or large organizations.

Your Digital Marketing Certification will help you:

  • Use digital marketing to get results for your business or organization
  • Build a digital marketing strategy and measure the results
  • Gain a foundational + advanced understanding of what, why and how
  • Showcase your skills and expertise in digital marketing

Social Media Certification at Your Pace - 97% of businesses are active on social media, only 20% are seeing actual results. Your social media expertise can help produce the results that every business dreams about. Learn everything you need to know from a top-rated international authority on social media, Krista Neher.

Your Online Social Media Certification will help you:
  • Leverage internet marketing and social media to get massive results
  • Create social media marketing strategies that blow away the competition
  • Impress clients with your certified expertise and high-level knowledge
  • Help businesses plan successful digital marketing campaigns

One-On-One Office Hours - Dependent upon your time zone, you will also have the opportunity for weekly one-on-one office hours with one of our highly-qualified trainers. These sessions will allow you to ask questions that you have about the curriculum or how to apply it to your business.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.


The digital marketing certification is an investment in your future. Certified graduates have the knowledge and expertise to be recognized as digital marketing experts, and the knowledge to drive results. Showcase your valuable skills developed during the training course to employers and clients, and advance your career today. Successful participants include: Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, agencies, small business owners, PR professionals, business strategists and Fortune 500 companies.


You obtain your Online Digital Marketing Certification and Social Media Certification by completing the coursework, passing the test and submitting a Digital Marketing Strategy for yourself or your business. Once completed, you will receive a digital certificate, a certified badge to display on your website/social media accounts, PLUS a certification on your LinkedIn account!


To receive a complete and comprehensive course outline write to and include both the course number and the complete course title.