IRS Tax Preparer Bundle - Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

Course Name

IRS Tax Preparer Bundle - Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

The AFSP Tax Preparer Bundle for non-credentialed/non-exempt tax preparers are self-study online video courses registered with and approved by the IRS. They are designed to provide you the most dynamic continuing education on the market today. Professor Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST outlines new tax laws, recent updates, general tax review, ethics, and best practices and procedures. Get a thorough overview along with examples and illustrations with this bundle that is required to complete the Annual Filling Season Program (AFSP).

This bundle includes the following courses: (Most recent tax year)

  • Annual Tax Refresher Course (AFTR)
  • Preparers Gone Bad - Volume 1
  • Tax Preparer’s Prayers Answered: Tax Issues for the Clergy
  • Top 10 Tips to help your clients avoid Penalties
  • Auditing the ERO
  • Cancellation of Debt

Please Note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.


The program is important for a number of reasons. It encourages unregulated return preparers who don’t have to meet continuing professional education requirements to stay up to date on tax laws and changes. It helps lessen the risk to taxpayers from preparers who have no education in federal tax law or filing requirements. It also allows preparers without professional credentials to stand out from the competition by giving them a recognizable record of completion that they can show to their clients.


All courses are followed by a comprehensive final exam required to complete the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). Results are provided in real time and a minimum score of 70% is required for CE credit. Once a successful score is achieved, we will submit your data file to the IRS based on your PTIN and report CE credits on your behalf.


To receive a complete and comprehensive course outline write to and include both the course number and the complete course title.