Adobe CC Design Masterclass Bundle

Course Name

Adobe CC Design Masterclass Bundle

Contact Hours: 40

Course Description

This course bundle is for anyone who wants to get a start in the creative design industry. You’ll learn techniques for image editing, vector graphic creation, and page layout using the industry-standard Adobe CC applications.

Each self-directed video course begins with foundational concepts such as navigating the interface and setting preferences, and then moves on to more advanced concepts such as working with layers, adding effects, styling text, and publishing. Work along with the included project files to create the same projects as shown in the training, and then take the Masterclass quizzes to assess what you’ve learned.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year for reference purposes.


Upon completion of this bundle of courses, you will have a strong foundation in Adobe Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, and Illustrator CC. You will learn about the following topics and so much more:


  • Tour the interface, learn navigation, and set up your first document.
  • Learn how to work with image frames & text frames.
  • Learn how to use Master Pages & get advanced page techniques.
  • Choose unique fonts & format characters & paragraphs.
  • Design your layout with the drawing tools, effects, grids & more!
  • Work with Snippets, Libraries, and Templates.
  • Manage long documents by adding a Table of Contents and a Book file.
  • Proof & Preview for Print & create interactive documents.

  • Learn to use the Scatter, Art, Bristle, Pattern & Image brushes
  • Learn to trace simple and complex images.
  • Learn to format text, choose the best font, and create images within text.
  • Learn to create clipping and opacity masks.
  • Learn to work with Symbols and create patterns.
  • Learn to archive your projects.

  • Learn to work with Layers & Blend Modes.
  • Learn to use the Drawing tools in Photoshop.
  • Make Transformations and Selections using tools such as the Lasso and Magic Wand.
  • Learn Masking techniques.
  • Learn how to edit Smart Objects and apply Smart Filters.
  • Understand how Adjustment Layers work.
  • Retouch images.
  • Work in Adobe Bridge & edit in Camera Raw.
  • Work with Type and Fonts.
  • Learn how to save and export finished projects.
  • Learn Photoshop Workflows and integration with other apps.


Quizzes are included with some courses. They can be found in the folder of Additional Media that is available for download with each course. Quizzes, where available, can be taken as many times as you want, at no additional cost. Quizzes provided are a way for users to perform a self-assessment on what they’ve learned.


Training Courses Included:

  • Photoshop CC Masterclass Part 1
  • Photoshop CC Masterclass Part 2
  • InDesign CC – Essentials
  • InDesign CC Masterclass Part 1
  • InDesign CC Masterclass Part 2
  • Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 1
  • Illustrator CC Masterclass Part 2