Adobe Certified Web Master Package

Course Name

Adobe Certified Web Master Package

Contact Hours: 100

Course Description

With this bundle of courses, you will learn how to use apps such as Adobe After Effects, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Muse, WordPress, and so much more! These self-directed video courses are led by experts in their field, and you can even follow along with the included project files to create the same projects featured in the training!

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year for reference purposes.


By the time you’ve completed this bundle of training of courses, you will be ready to begin on the path to creating stunning websites, designs, and animations using some of the most popular apps used today.


Online quizzes are provided for self-assessment.


Courses included:

  • Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CS5: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) CS6 Design & Web Workflow
  • Adobe(R) CS5: Design Workflow
  • Adobe(R) Flash(R) Professional CS6: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS6 Extended: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Dreamweaver(R) CS5: Essentials
  • WordPress(R) Theme Selection & Customization
  • WordPress(R) Essentials for Business
  • Adobe(R) Fireworks(R) CS5
  • Adobe(R) Muse(TM)
  • Adobe(R) Flash(R) CS5 Professional: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS5 Extended: Advanced
  • Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS5 Extended: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) CS6: Advanced
  • Adobe(R) InDesign(R) CS5: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Flex 3: Rich Internet & AIR(R) Applications
  • Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) CS5: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CS6: Introduction & New Features
  • Adobe(R) Fireworks(R) CS6
  • Adobe(R) Dreamweaver(R) CS6: Essentials
  • WordPress(R) Backup, Security & Performance
  • Adobe(R) Edge Animate: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) InDesign(R) CS6: Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Edge Animate: Advanced
  • Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) CS6 - Essentials
  • Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) CC
  • Adobe(R) Dreamweaver(R) CC
  • Prepare for the Adobe(R) Certified Expert in Photoshop(R) CC Exam
  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Designer
  • Essential Skills for Designers - Images in InDesign(R)
  • Essential Skills for Designers - Mastering the Pen Tool
  • Essential Skills for Designers - Working with Type
  • Essential Skills for Designers - Masking
  • Essential Skills for Designers - Making Selections of People in Photoshop(R)
  • Parallax Slider Design: Bring Your Website to Life
  • Getting Started with Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CC 2015