Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Contact Hours: 5

Course Description

In this course, you'll learn essential skills to both maneuver and manufacture a SharePoint collaborative solution for your work team. You'll easily learn to master the fundamental tools and features of Microsoft SharePoint to enable your team to collaborate more efficiently.

You'll learn the core ingredients of SharePoint 2013 and how to turn your collection of lists and libraries into an attractive and fine-tuned engine that will drive a team's innovative and collaborative skills to higher levels of achievement.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from date of enrollment for reference purposes.


When you complete this course, you'll be miles ahead of those who think they understand SharePoint, and your team will realize the power of collaboration using this amazing platform. You will gain proficiency in the following topics:

  • Understanding SharePoint roles and permissions
  • Navigating Team Sites
  • Creating and using List Apps
  • Creating and using Libraries
  • Editing and saving Shared Documents
  • Using Social Networking in SharePoint
  • Building a Site Collection
  • Understanding Themes, Wiki Pages, Web Parts and more


This course contains chapter quizzes and a corresponding answer key, which can be used for self-assessment purposes.
There is no additional fee for this material, and once it is downloaded, the student can access it from their computer anytime.


Chapter 1 Introducing SharePoint

Lesson 1 Understanding SharePoint
Lesson 2 Understanding SharePoint Roles & Permissions
Lesson 3 Understanding SharePoint Versions
Lesson 4 Logging onto SharePoint

Chapter 2 SharePoint Team Sites


Lesson 1 Understanding Team Sites
Lesson 2 Navigating a Team Site
Lesson 3 Searching in SharePoint
Lesson 4 Desktop View vs. App View

Chapter 3 SharePoint List Apps


Lesson 1 Using a List
Lesson 2 Creating a New List App
Lesson 3 Adding a Custom List App
Lesson 4 Importing a List from Excel(R)
Lesson 5 Creating a List View
Lesson 6 Using a Site Calendar
Lesson 7 Customizing Calendar Settings
Lesson 8 Creating & Managing List Alerts

Chapter 4 SharePoint Libraries Apps


Lesson 1 Using a Library
Lesson 2 Opening & Saving Library Documents
Lesson 3 Creating a Library
Lesson 4 Creating a Library View
Lesson 5 Creating a Dynamic View
Lesson 6 Changing File Settings
Lesson 7 Setting Library Alerts

Chapter 5 Editing & Saving Shared Documents


Lesson 1 Using Check In & Check Out
Lesson 2 Uploading & Creating Documents in a Library
Lesson 3 Modifying Library Settings
Lesson 4 Enabling Versioning
Lesson 5 Using the Send To Function
Lesson 6 Syncing Documents Using OneDrive(TM) for Business

Chapter 6 Social Networking in SharePoint


Lesson 1 Newsfeed, Mentions, Follows, Tags & Notes