Become a PHP Professional Bundle

Course Name

Become a PHP Professional Bundle

Contact Hours: 80

Course Description

This PHP development online course bundle from Stone River eLearning is perfect for complete beginners and experienced PHP developers alike. The PHP Guru bundle takes you from absolute beginner to a professional PHP developer or from a decent PHP developer programmer to a great one.

Included in this bundle are lectures that teach you the very basics of PHP programming, how to create an authorization system for a website besides walking you through every step in the process of building an R/L system using PHP object oriented programming... and more!

What's Included?

  • Over 285 lectures and over 80 hours of content!
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Gain valuable job skills to become a professional PHP developer
  • Create an authorization system with Laravel
  • Master PHP Object Oriented Programming
  • Learn how to integrate a database using the MySQLi extension for PHP
  • Develop with the PayPal IPN system
  • Build an MVC framework
  • To create an image upload website from scratch using PHP
  • Master PHP data objects
  • Build a content management system from scratch
  • Create a chat application usable for websites
  • Learn how to use PHP OOP with a SQL database
As of 2017, according to, the median salary of a PHP developer is $61,905 annually.

Target Audience is for anyone who wants to:
  • Learn more about PHP
  • Become webmasters or web developers or web designers
  • Become web content developers
  • Create your own CMS

There are no prerequisites to take this online course

Please note: course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.


Upon successful completion, students will better prepared to become webmasters, developers, designers or web content developers as well as being able to create their own CMS.


Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia Presentations - Our courseware includes instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios explained by the instructor. We always focus on real world scenarios and skill-set development.


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