Master Level Bar Management Certificate Online

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Master Level Bar Management Certificate Online

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Course Description

The hospitality industry continues to grow each year, creating a demand for skilled managers. One challenge facing bar and restaurant owners and managers is that most hospitality programs are long-term and expensive. This is due to the wide range of subject material, much of which is never applied in the real world. Thus, too many managers go without any formal training and often find themselves overwhelmed on the job.
This course is a must for those who own a bar, those who want to enter the field of management or for bartenders who want to become an expert on the business. If you are serious about the bar business, this online course will expand your knowledge into areas of management that include inventory, profits, sales promotions, hiring and training employees, customer service and all staff issues.
Unlike long-term hospitality programs, this practical and effective course acts as a supplement, concentrating solely on the bar area. Simplified and easy to comprehend, you will not waste time learning useless information and you will be prepared to handle the physical, emotional and mental demands of managing a bar. You will also learn everything about bartending, the hub of all sales and a requirement for professionally managing a bar. It is not possible to be a good bar manger without knowing what goes on behind the bar.
Many common myths cause the downfall of even the most popular bars and restaurants. Theft, poor management and lack of knowledge also greatly contribute to failure. Everyone knows that in the restaurant industry the bulk of profits can come from beverage sales. teaches you how to maximize profits by raising sales and cutting costs in ways beyond the typical and obvious routes. You will also learn ways to build customer relations, how to deal with your vendors and alternative ways to generate revenues.
Kellie Nicholson has condensed over twenty-five years of experience into a course that will give you the skills to manage your bar like a professional. She will teach you the basics that will put you on the road to understanding the unique factors of the bar business. Kellie has been hired to train bar employees all over the Los Angeles area and also consults with bars and restaurants in many areas of the business. Her bartenders are well-known for their superior performance and she has trained many managers and bar owners, some even with years of experience.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.


Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Have an understanding of how the bar business works.
  • Possess excellent customer service skills.
  • Understand how to assess profits.
  • Know how to take inventory and order products.
  • Have a list of many ways to raise sales and cut costs.
  • Be able to professionally handle common customer and staff issues.
  • Know how to hire and train a loyal, productive staff.


Assessment Tools:

  • Quizzes
  • Practical Experience
  • Online Exercises


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