Introduction to Grant Writing

Course Name

Introduction to Grant Writing

Contact Hours: 30

Course Description

This course equips students with the skills and tools necessary to enter the field of grant writing. It will cover the fundamental elements of a grant proposal such as the objectives, problems addressed, methodology, evaluation and assessments, budget and cover letter, as well as the members involved.

PLEASE NOTE: courses of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from date of enrollment.


The participant will be able to apply theory and practice to analyze RFPs and successfully write grant proposals.


This course contains numerous multimedia, interactive learning environments that will allow you to complete courses by watching video, reading and interacting with course material, and completing quizzes.


Introduction to Grant Writing

I. Common myths about the grant process

II. Preparing the request for proposal

III. Writing process
a. Bid/no bid decision
b. How to decline an RFP

IV. Analyzing the RFP
a. Proposal team
b. Detailed analysis of the RFP
c. How to protect proprietary information

V. Scheduling tasks and meeting deadlines for the RFP

VI. Program design
a. How will you fulfill the requirements of the RFP
b. Services you will provide
c. Time and money it will take to complete the project

VII. Parts of the proposal

VIII. What to keep in mind when looking for grant funding