Sales Coach Online

Course Name

Sales Coach Online

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

This is a complete sales training and reinforcement program that utilizes short videos, audios, assessments, and downloadable resources to provides a complete framework for sales people to improve their production and performance.

The traditional “feature and benefit” selling approaches are no longer effective due to the availability of information today. Buyers are looking for professional problem solvers instead of product pushers. This program recognizes the changes that have occurred and provides a holistic approach to selling that reflects current realities.

Students will learn the Common Sense Selling® process that has been delivered to many thousands of salespeople worldwide in over 160 industries.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn a proven process for selling, the tactics they’ll need to make the process work, and the skills that are necessary in today’s changing, competitive selling environment. Immediate outcomes include better prospecting, sales process improvement and more sales.


Upon successful completion, students will understand the following:

  1. How to understand the massive changes that have occurred in buying and selling and how to adapt to be successful in this very competitive marketplace
  2. How to effectively qualify a sales opportunity so that they don’t waste time on opportunities that will never materialize
  3. How to differentiate themselves from competition by HOW they sell, instead of WHAT they sell
  4. How to get decisions instead of “think it overs”
  5. How to handle the 12 most common stalls and objections
  6. How to utilize prospecting techniques that work
  7. How to manage their own “inner game” by focusing on knowledge, attitude, skills, and activity
  8. How to control the sales process without being “salesy”
  9. How to close business without having to discount prices and much more


This course suggests that the National Sales Challenge (a link is provided) be taken at the beginning of module 1 to establish a baseline of subject matter knowledge. Upon completion of module 6 the National Sales Challenge can be re-taken to assess comprehension of the course material and evaluate improvement from the initial score. This assessment can be taken multiple times. No fees are required.

A DISC Behavioral Style Assessment is provided to evaluate the student’s selling and communication style. Course material covers how to use this information in a selling environment. It can be taken only once.

The Proposal Coach is a short online assessment designed to calculate the chances of winning the business if the salesperson decides to present a proposal for the prospect to consider. It gives a % score and suggests things that could be done to improve one’s chances of success. It can be taken multiple times. No fees are required.

All three assessments are taken online and results delivered immediately.


The program is delivered online and includes the following:

  • 6.5 hours of video (42 separate videos) covering every topic relevant to selling.
  • Lessons are delivered in 6 modules over the first 6 weeks and are easy to manage.
  • 15 hours of audio in our Locker Room.
  • 99-page downloadable workbook for the entire program.
  • Two downloadable CDs.
  • 12 Common Sense Selling Tools to help you manage your sales.
  • The Common Sense Selling book.
  • The Monday Morning SalesCoach - A weekly tip that will help you deal with the most frustrating sales challenges you encounter every day.
  • Short and easy-to-understand lessons.
  • 3 Assessments to help you understand your strengths & areas that need improvement.
  • After week 6 you’ll receive bi-weekly email assignments to keep you focused on what’s important.