Technical Communication Techniques & Principles for Project Managers

Course Name

Technical Communication Techniques & Principles for Project Managers

Contact Hours: 6

Course Description

There is a strong connection between the project manager and the technical communicator. The Project Management Institute estimates that over half of every project is at high risk because of ineffective communication. As a project manager, implementing critical, core skills taken from the technical communication field can contribute to more successful projects. Communicating complex knowledge, identifying audience needs, and ensuring quality deliverables are necessary for comprehensive project communication. Using an interdisciplinary approach applicable across multiple programs of study, this course enhances your understanding of technical communication and prepares you to step up successfully for project management assignments and roles in your career using these communication skills.


Students who successfully complete their course of study will:

  • Have the necessary knowledge to use technical writing best practices to manage both small and large projects in their respective work areas

  • Understand how audience analysis can improve their communication strategies

  • Know why a project charter is a critical opening document for any project

  • Be able to better manage the schedule and the scope

  • Become acutely aware of all stakeholders and how to meet their needs

  • Understand how to successfully close a project and implement lessons learned


Students will assess themselves through a self-assessment question bank where they must achieve 80% or higher for successful completion. 


Lesson 1: Defining Technical Writing and Project Management

Lesson 2: Technical Writing Basics

Lesson 3: Organizing Your Writing and Your Project

Lesson 4: Project Implementation Using Your Technical Writing Skills

Lesson 5: Evaluating Your Technical Communication Products

Lesson 6: In Case of Failure and Course Summary