Introduction to Event and Meeting Planning Instructor-Led

Course Name

Introduction to Event and Meeting Planning Instructor-Led

Contact Hours: 30

Course Description

This introductory course acquaints students with the common components of well executed meetings and events. This course covers site selection, food and beverage, audio visual, contracts, an overview of the industry, and career possibilities.


Maximum time to complete this course is 90 days. To be completed in that time: 9 quizzes, 9 activities, and 1 final exam. All reviews, exercises and other assignments are submitted electronically to your instructor with results returned via email.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the event planning process
  • Select an appropriate event venue for a client
  • Describe the logistical needs and options of an event
  • Explain the vendor needs for an event
  • Identify an appropriate theme for an event
  • Discuss ways to "green" events
  • Analyze career opportunities in the events industry


Successful completion of all reviews, activities and quizzes. Participation in online Discussion as specified in the course. You will receive a welcome letter from your instructor which will include greater details of grading criteria.


Each Lesson includes an online review as well as application activities. These activities will ask you to complete independent research and application, consider various ideas, or discuss and share insights with friends or family. There is a final comprehensive exam.

Lesson 1
Overview of Event Planning as a Career

Lesson 2
Project Management Concepts

Lesson 3
Duties of an Event Planner

Lesson 4
Working with DMCs and CVBs

Lesson 5
Selecting a Venue

Lesson 6
Event Planning Part I

Lesson 7
Event Planning Part II

Lesson 8
Career Exploration

Final Exam