Taking Off In Travel - Instructor Led

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Taking Off In Travel - Instructor Led

Contact Hours: 30

Course Description

The Taking Off In Travel This course provides an overview of the basics of the travel industry and career opportunities available. Enjoy a fun, realistic presentation of: air travel, car rentals, hotel accommodations, rail travel, tours, and cruises. Group travel, incentive travel, meetings and conventions, in-bound tourism, international travel and niche travel are also discussed. There will be opportunities for learning activities as well as exercises and thought-provoking case studies to aid in applying the principles presented.

    How long will it take me to complete the course?
    Each course will take you between 20 - 30 hours a piece to complete. All courses are completely internet delivered and allow you to study at your own pace but must be completed within one year of the date you begin. The average student takes three to four months to complete all of the training.
    How quickly can I begin?
    Upon registration you will receive your personal user name and password and directions on how to begin your course work within 24 hours of registration. You will have access to all course materials, student-instructor interaction, assignments and exams.
    What is the Job Board and how do I gain access to it?
    The Job Board gives you access to resume, cover letter and interview information with instruction specific to the travel and tourism industry. In addition, the Job Board provides access to comprehensive and frequently updated national databases of tourism jobs sponsored by industry leading organizations such as ASTA and ISTTE.

    Benefits of Taking Off In Travel:

  1. Take the course at your own pace - so long as the course is completed within 90 days of registration.
  2. Do the lessons at any hour of the day or night. Send or retrieve information 24/7.
  3. No need to purchase additional textbooks or materials
  4. As you approach completion, access the Job Board for assistance in finding career opportunities currently available in your area.
  5. Outcome

    Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

    1. List the types of businesses available in the travel industry as well as career opportunities and skills needed.
    2. Understand the many facets of air travel, including air travel codes, itineraries, air fares, airline tickets and airport/airline protocol.
    3. Discuss the policies and procedures of car rental.
    4. Identify the multiple factors influencing the hotel industry.
    5. Explain the benefits of and the differences among Amtrak, VIA Rail, Britrail and Eurail.
    6. Consider that there are tours offered for almost every type of client, destination, age and budget.
    7. Describe the various references for cruises.
    8. Become familiar with the popular trends in travel including incentive travel, group travel, meeting and convention planning, in-bound tourism, international travel and niche travel.
    9. List the kinds of information needed to make an airline, car rental, hotel, rail, tour and cruise reservation.


    Evaluation of student performance will be based on the following:

    1. Completion of assigments.
    2. Exam grades

    Successful completion of the course requires passing the exam with an 80% average or greater. Each exam may only be accessed and submitted one time. Students not able to complete their exam after beginning will be required to repurchase and retake the complete course. Each course must be completed within 90 days of registration but may be completed sooner. Students are subject to dismissal for unsatisfactory conduct and will not receive a refund.
    The principal classifications of unsatisfactory conduct are:

  6. Theft or destruction of property including but not excluded to intellectual or physical work or software, belonging to the school or other students.
  7. Cheating on an exam or other material. The use of another student’s or individual’s work or material for a grade.
  8. Personal behavior that is disruptive to the learning environment, including: abusive language, intimidation, flagrant lack of respect for the staff or the peaceful enjoyment of other students and staff.
  9. The unlawful or unethical use of the course curriculum, programming or communication as determined by the staff. Students will be considered for readmittance upon signing an agreement to comply with all school policies.
  10. Upon registration the Instructional Support Course Administrator emails a welcome letter to the student to begin unrestricted email communication and support, then contacts the student on a regular basis regarding progress; corrects, annotates and grades Exercises and Reviews. Questions will be answered within 24 hours on regular business days.
  11. Outline

    Taking Off In Travel

    Each Lesson includes an online review (Stop, Review and Apply) as well as at least one Challenge that requires independent research and application, a case study to respond to and at least one discussion item. There are also Reservation Job Aids, possible career lists for each segment of the travel industry and a Day in the Life look at various travel careers,

    Lesson 1 Taking Off Opportunities
    Taking Off Opportunities Quiz

    Lesson 2 Taking Off Into The Air
    Taking Off Into The Air Quiz

    Lesson 3 Taking Off Down The Road
    Taking Off Down The Road Quiz

    Lesson 4 Taking Off To The Hotel Industry
    Taking Off To The Hotel Industry Quiz

    Lesson 5 Taking Off By Rail
    Taking Off By Rail Quiz

    Lesson 6 Taking Off On A Tour
    Taking Off On A Tour Quiz

    Lesson 7 Taking Off On A Cruise
    Taking Off On A Cruise Quiz

    Lesson 8 Taking Off With Other
    Travel Services
    Taking Off With Other Travel Services Quiz


    Maximum time to complete this course is 90 days. To be completed in that time: reviews, quizzes, Challenges, discussion items, called What's Your Opinion?, additional discussion items and case studies, called What Would You Do If. . .? All quizzes, reviews, challenges and case study responses are submitted electronically to your instructor with results returned via email. The discussion area is monitored for participation.