Medical Office Specialist Training I (No Terminology)

Course Name

Medical Office Specialist Training I (No Terminology)

Contact Hours: 160

Course Description

Please Print Out And Carefully Read This Information! Demand for medical office assistants (Medical Office Specialists) will rise 19% by 2010 according to Department of Labor statistics. Medical office assistants enjoy exciting, varied assignments, steady work schedules, respect and prestige.

Whether you work for a clinic or medical provider, as a Medical Office Assistant you will have a career you can be proud of! This course will take your through the basics of how a medical office functions and train you to do all of it but the nursing!! Start a rewarding career in a growing and recession proof field. Why take this Medical Office Specialist training course? With the right credentials, you will be readily employable. Gain your technical education the modern way by learning on your own time, at your own pace, at home.

Plan to complete your course of study at your own pace and on your own schedule. There are no educational prerequisites or experience required to enroll in this course, and it does include a Comprehensive Medical Billing module. You may also expand your horizons to include medical coding.

You will have solid, comprehensive training in appointment scheduling, reception, assisting, filing, billing, an overview of coding, collections, all that is necessary to work in or even move into management of a private health care practice. Shortly after enrollment you will begin receiving regular email notifications regarding your course of study. We will be asking how you are progressing in this class. It is your responsibility to respond to our emails and work to finish this course within the time period stated. Not responding to these update notices could result in significant delays, grade reporting issues and failure in the class.
Your goal is to complete the course and pass your final exam.Learn this complex discipline from your desktop, anytime, anywhere!


Upon achieving a final examination score of 80% or higher you will be able to apply for a Certificate demonstrating your practical and comprehensive knowledge of this complex field. You would then be qualified to:

  • Work in a physician’s office greeting patients, scheduling appointments and providing data entry
  • Work in a hospital, clinic, acute or longterm care center
  • Work in a public health organization
  • Earn an average salary of $20,000 to 34,000 a year


Self-assessment (no instructor) quizzes follow each section or subsection of lesson information so the student is constantly aware of progress. Interaction is always available if a student wants to contact an instructor, either live or by email.
Grades: No grade will be provided without the final examination. The exam results must be 80% or better. If the final exam is not taken, the grade posted will be a "fail."


Medical Office Specialist Training Includes:

  • Types of employment
  • Personal Assets and Skills
  • Employment
  • The Provider
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Interacting with the Patient
  • Tools, Software & Equipment
  • Legal Aspects of Confidential Information
  • Laboratory Data
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Coding Introduction
  • Medical Records, Patient Charts
The Billing Module Covers:
  • The Medical Billing Office
  • The Specialized Language of Medical Billing
  • The Billing Forms
  • The Anatomy of a Billing Office
  • Problem/Complaint Driven Records
  • The Importance of Complete Registration Information
  • Superbills
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Patient Statements
  • CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Forms
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Practice Economics
  • Fees & Profiles
  • Legal Issues