The Best Online Typing Course

Course Name

The Best Online Typing Course

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

Quick and easy way to learn keyboard typing right from your desktop! These typing lessons are a replacement for our older Typing Pal class which has been retired. The course is free to anyone. Your tuition payment is for the evaluation of the student's independent work which is carefully monitored with a pass/fail grade being turned in at the end of the course. Included is a paper-based Certificate of Completion.

This independent study online typing program is an indispensable tool for improving your productivity on a computer keyboard! It offers a fully customized learning scenario that suits beginners as well as those with more keyboard experience. For those who want to keep track of their progress, the program offers to evaluate user-performance with simple and detailed statistics.

System requirements:

You simply need to be connected to the internet and have a modern web browser like Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  Mac users would need to install Flash to view the keyboard diagram (if it is not already installed).

NOTE: This course description, outline and method are subject to change. This will not affect the outcomes which will help the student achieve favorable success in their course of study.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Master keyboard typing.
  • Improve their typing precision.
  • Improve their speed.
  • Become more efficient with E-MAIL and CHAT lines, Professional Work.


This course offers a fully-customized learning scenario. After each lesson section students will have the opportunity to take a review test.


This is a self-directed activity so you can take more time if needed to get up to speed. This web-based program is set up to be user friendly and allow you to learn as you go.

  • Students may start by the first series of lessons.
  • Students continue with the other lessons and start taking a few exercises.
  • Students may decide to establish certain speed goals and work on those objectives. It is important to take lessons each day.
  • Students may start taking practice paragraphs.
  • Students continue their learning through various lessons and customized improvement exercises.
  • While learning this program it is most important to repeat the exercises regularly and not for too long at a time. In order to obtain the greatest profit from the time allowed to students should establish a working routine and keep practicing.