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Specialty Niche Online Catalogs: A New Approach to Targeting Customers

By Dr. John Reid, President,
JER Online

Specialty Niche Online Course Catalogs create multiple points of sale. They are a great way to market specific groups of online Certificates and Courses to your target audience. Think about it. How do companies you buy goods and services create points of sale? When a customer walks into Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or a favorite food and beverage store what is most apparent? The marketers have created displays and positioned products in places and locations adjacent to the isles where products can be found. This by no mistake. They know that more sales come from pushing and putting the product squarely in front of the consumer in more than one place so they can easily locate a widget or service.

The same thought should hold true for the branded Online Certificates and Courses you currently offer.

Sadly, that is not the case. The single course catalog format has not evolved much since its early inception back in the late 90’s.

However, the consumer that shop JER Online programs at many of our .edu partner website are likely to come across our main catalog on one part of their site and find our specialty and niche catalogs positioned strategically on other pages. Here are some examples: Call Center Certification (Workforce Certification); Green Education (On the job training); TechWriter Certification (Expanding field); Sales and Marketing); Total Training (Bundled Libraries); EDU2UOnline (100% non-credit courses developed only by accredited colleges and universities).

What makes this idea so appealing to our existing edu partners is that JER Online Niche Online Course Catalogs are activated with a single click. From there, catalogs, links and promotional images are all sent electronically to be used by the webmaster. Secondarily, our specialty catalogs are tied to companies that are well known in the industry and have reputations for developing and delivering high end program offerings. Thirdly, all ecommerce and enrollments are processed automatically using JER Online’s Course Catalog Manager. This is the same technology that runs JER Online’s main catalog. Thus, nothing new to learn or do.

Consider that self sustaining programs can benefit financially from marketing JER Online Specialty and Niche Catalogs while providing their customers with an incredibly easy way to locate content they seek specialized training in.

If your program is still tied to a single catalog operation you may want to consider the advantages that have been discussed here. A slight shift in the delivery paradigm could mean significantly more enrollments and revenue.

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