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How can a college or university make their online training more effective for our company and employees?  Consider the following 10 points.
  1. Make a business case for online training.  Which of the key performance indicators of the Company will the online training support and what will success look like?
  2. Let clients know how the online training fits with respect to corporate objectives.  Tailor the design and delivery so that it is seamless to the employee and that the online training is corporate sponsored.
  3. Realize that learning is more than training. Taking online courses should not be the end, increasing workplace productivity should be.  Make action plans part of the curriculum and give the employee the ability to send it to their supervisor for career development. 
  4. Celebrate successful online programs by showcasing examples of how people have implemented what they've learned into their work.
  5. Ensure that certificates are part of the online process and that employees automatically receive when they complete a class. 
  6. Look at participation and ensure that your corporate community knows that your program is actively working to be a partner in the development of a training strategy.  Clients should not come across online training by accident when searching for local resources. The institution needs to work to get the word out so that a client’s needs can be fulfilled. 
  7. Ensure online training incorporates real life situations that employees encounter on a daily basis so that it is meaningful – direct linkage to the performance of their job. 
  8. Have the employee complete an evaluation of the course and make modifications where needed.  Classes that have low participation should be reviewed and possibly discontinued.
  9. Online training should incorporate key business and financial skills with the goal to help the employee understand why the course is important in the performance of their position.  Example financials for non-financial managers.
  10. Improve courses through review and evaluation.
Conclusion: If you start and end all of your training efforts by focusing on the Company’s goals, you will never be asked to do an ROI analysis to justify your budget.

This list provided by Gretchen Burgess, Corporate HR Manager at Environmental Solutions Group
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