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The courses and certificates listed below can be instantly activated when there is a online training request for a group of workforce employees or other type of e-learner group. Each course title is bundled together under the area of concentration. We can also bundle any combination of courses from this list. For a complete and current list of courses in addition to the ones listed on this page you can download here.

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Customer Service
Building Customer Loyalty
Delighting Your Customers
Building Web Relationships (Interview)
Creating Customer Value
Crown Your Customers (Interview)
Customer Convenience is Key to E-Commerce (Interview)
Customer Service Strategy
Dealing with Customer Complaints
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Getting to Know Your Customers
Getting Your Customer Experience Right (Interview)
Implementing Effective Service Standards
Keeping Loyal Customers
Measuring Customer Service
Profits, Not Promises (Interview)
Understanding Customer Service
Working Wounded: Building Relationships with Your Customers
Working Wounded: Good News About Customer Complaints

Building Budgets That Affect Reality (Interview)
Capitalize Your Capital (Interview)
Cash Flow Analysis
Key Financial Ratios
Linking Financial Management with Organizational Goals
Understanding Financial Statements
Working Wounded The Budget Blues

Global Business
Communicating Across Cultures
Global Work
Global Work in China (Interview)
Presenting Globally
The Influence Edge in Cross-Cultural Situations

Sales and Marketing
E-Mail Marketing (Interview)
Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Trade Show Selling
Marketing Your Web Site (Interview)
New Rules of Online Advertising (Interview)
Sales Skills for Call Centers
Target Your Market (Interview)
The Influence Edge and Sales
Track Selling Step Approach
Track Selling Step Qualification
Track Selling Step Agreement On Need
Track Selling Step Sell the Company
Track Selling Step Fill the Need
Track Selling Step Act of Commitment
Track Selling Step Cement the Sale
Working Wounded Closing A Sale
Working Wounded Getting Out of a Sales Slump
Working Wounded Keys to a Successful Marketing Campaign
Working Wounded Making A Gatekeeper an Ally

Workplace Environment
Computer Comfort
Diversity Effectiveness - An Overview
E-Mail and Internet Privacy at Work
Ethical Decision Making
Ethics in the Workplace - Choose Wisely!
Moving Toward Diversity Effectiveness
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Preventing Sexual Harassment (Presentation Style)
Preventing Violence in the Workplace
Preventing Violence in the Workplace (Presentation Style)
Workplace Violence Ingredients for Disaster
Working Wounded Overcoming Your Own Bias

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Performance Coaching Career Coaching
Performance Coaching Collaborating
Performance Coaching Mentoring
Performance Coaching Training

Creating and Communicating Vision
Creating Organizations with Many Leaders (Interview)
Digital Markets (Interview)
E-Business Strategies (Interview)
Leadership in Freaked Out Times (Interview)
Leading into the Future (Interview)
Leading Organizational Transition
Show, Don't Tell
Strategic Planning Strategic Alignment
Strategic Planning Implement Initiatives
Strategic Planning Establish Processes
Supporting Innovation (Interview)
Surfer Rules (Interview)
The E-Marketplace (Interview)
The Power of B-Webs (Interview)
The Leadership Challenge Challenge the Process
The Leadership Challenge Enable Others to Act
The Leadership Challenge Encourage the Heart
The Leadership Challenge Inspire a Shared Vision
The Leadership Challenge Model the Way
Tilt The Field Attitude
Tilt The Field Leadership
Tilt The Field Perspective
Transform, Don't Conform (Interview)
Value Matters (Interview)

Leading Teams
Creating Successful Teams (Interview)
Developing Successful Teams
Successful Geo-Dispersed Teams (Interview)
Team Learning (Interview)
The Influence Edge and Your Team
Virtual Teams
Working Wounded Teams at Work

Attracting Key Talent (Interview)
Bringing The Workplace to Life (Interview)
Delegation Strategies
Fire Up and Motivate Your Employees
Handling Performance Problems
Interviewing for Organizational Fit
Interviewing for Success
Knowledge Management (Interview)
Making Degree Feedback Work
Managing Performance
Managing Telecommuters
Motivate to Retain (Interview)
Recruiting Top Talent
Retaining Top Talent
Retention for the Long Haul (Interview)
Succession Planning
The Costs of Attrition (Interview)
The Diversity Manager
Working Wounded Becoming a New Manager
Working Wounded Counseling an Employee
Working Wounded The More You Give, The More You'll Get

Managing Within the Law
At Will Employment
Complying with ADA Requirements as of
Complying with ADA Requirements
Discrimination (Presentation Style)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace
Family and Medical Leave Act as of
Family and Medical Leave Act
FLSA & State Wage-Hour Law
Freedom of Religion in the Workplace
Freedom of Speech in the Workplace
Legal Guidelines for Interviewing
Preventing Sexual Harassment - Manager Version
Respecting Employees' Individual Rights
Top Ten Ways for a Manager to Stay Out of Jail
Working Wounded Preventing Lawsuits
Wrongful Termination
Wrongful Termination (Presentation Style)

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Six Sigma
Six Sigma Fundamentals
Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap Lasting Six Sigma

Career Development
Been There, Done That, Now What?
The Influence Edge and Your Career

Curing Common Meeting Ailments (Interview)
Effective Business Writing
High Performance Communication
Keeping Meeting Participants Awake (Interview)
The People Styles Model
People Styles at Work
Resolving Conflict
Telephone Etiquette
The Influence Edge and E-Mail
Understanding Negotiation
Working Wounded Effective Business Presentations
Working Wounded Giving an Apology at Work
Working Wounded Leading a Successful Meeting
Working Wounded Making Group Decisions
Working Wounded Working Through Conflict

Becoming More Assertive
Business Protocol
Creative for the New Millennium
Dealing with Non-Stop Change
Goal Setting and Action Planning
Leap of Faith
Self-Motivation Through Self-Talk
Self-Talk First Aid Kit
The Dynamics of Self-Talk (Interview)
The Influence Edge and Change
The Influence Edge Model
Working Wounded Dealing with a Messy Desk
Working Wounded Getting More Work Done
Working Wounded Office Politics
Working Wounded Performance Appraisals

Work and Life Balance
Child Care Selection
Elder Care Selection
Embracing New Technology
Exhausted Single Working Parent
Financial Planning for Elder Care
Making a Case to Telecommute (Interview)
Overload in an Over-Wired World (Interview)
The Moral Dilemma of Success
The Risks of Job Burnout
Working Wounded Connecting With Your Kids When Traveling
Working Wounded Information Overload

Basics of Business Math

Building Relationships
Socializing at Work
Understanding Behavioral Intentions
Choosing Your Approach

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Business Ethics
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Everyday Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical Dilemmas and the Law
Individual Values; Organizational Values

Communicating with Power
Elements of Powerful Communication
Persuasive Appeals
Modes of Persuasion
Active Listening
Resolving Conflict

Customer Service
Defining Service
Fixing Problems
Building a Department
Tools of the Trade

Difficult People
Managing Against the Odds

Doing Business in China
A Cultural Approach

Managing Your Inbox
Writing Effective E-Mails
The Legal Face of E-Mail
Becoming an Organizational Leader

Business Communication
The Planning Worksheet
Writing Skills
Patterns of Development
Memos, E-Mail and Other Communications

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Effective Presentations
Preparing for a Presentation
Developing an Effective Message
Improving Delivery Skills
Using PowerPoint and Other Visuals

Business Management
Management in Perspective
Functions of Front-Line Management
Managerial Finance and Accounting

Fundamental Sentence Structures
Complex Sentence Structures
Advanced Grammar

Workplace Innovation
Defining Innovation and Determining Your Point of View
Identifying the Enemies of Ideas and Innovation
Asking Questions
Harnessing Energy
Creating Ideas
Measuring Success

Instructional Design
Process, Needs, and Roles
Analysis and Objectives
Design Concepts
Planning and Implementation

Management Skills
Ready! Set! Manage!
Getting Input
Dealing with Challenging People and Times
Building Success

Managing Change
Refocusing Yourself
Leading the Team
Working with Individuals

Leading with a Vision
Rewarding and Correcting
Performance and Training
Building Trust
Motivational Strategies
Leading for Commitment

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Negotiating Techniques
Gaining Control
Closing the Deal
Everyday Negotiations

Problem Solving
The Concept of Productive Thinking
Productive Thinking in Principle
The Productive Thinking Model
Productive Thinking in Practice

Project Management
Project Management Overview
Understanding the Project Manager's Role
Defining the Problem
Determining the Strategy
Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
Estimating and Scheduling Resources
Understanding Scheduling Computations
Tracking Project Activities
Closing Out the Project
Formalizing Project Management Standards
Developing Project Teams
Ensuring Your Own Effectiveness
Working Across Departments
Building and Leading a Team
Managing Project Stakeholders
Communicating Effectively
Key Documentation
Balancing Multiple Projects

Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Overview, Disclosures, and Reporting
Standards, Regulations, and Penalties

Sexual Harassment in WP
Why Can't We All Just Get Along
Defining Sexual Harassment
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Responding to Sexual Harassment
Stress Management
Stress on the Job

Stress Management
Resisting Stress
Coping with Anger

Teams That Work
Building Effective Teams
Leading Effective Teams

> Time Management
Taming Time
Prioritizing and Procrastinating
Establishing Goals
Managing Time Together
Controlling Time Leaks
Evaluating and Improving
Organizing Tasks and Creating Uninterrupted Time
Managing Meetings
Managing Workload
Managing Time with Co-Workers

401(k) Plans
401(k) Basics

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Budgeting and Saving
Confronting Debt
Eliminating Debt
Banking Basics
Choosing Bank Accounts
Planning Your Retirement
Making (k) Plans Work
Exploring Investment Options

Estate Planning
Starting an Estate Plan
Sorting Out Your Assets
Preparing Your Will
All About Probate
Considering Your Family
Taxes to Expect
Tax Strategies
Retirement Issues
Revising an Estate Plan

Home Business
Choosing a Business
Raising Financing
Office Management
Managing Your Business

Interview Skills
Getting the Interview
Preparing Yourself
Making an Entrance
Listening and Answering
Taking the Reins
Asking Questions
Opening Interviews
Tough Interviews
Following Through

Investing Fundamentals
The Basics
Mutual Funds

Retirement Planning
Money Management
Retirement Planning

Project Management Professional Certification
Project Management Framework and Initiating the Project
Project Planning Processes
Project Execution and Quality Management
Project Monitoring and Control
Project Closing
Professional Responsibility
Practice Exams

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP v)
Requirements Planning & Management
Requirements Elicitation
Requirements Communication
Enterprise Analysis
Requirements Analysis & Documentation
Solution Assessment & Validation
Underlying Fundamentals
Practice Exam 1
Practice Exam 2
Practice Exam 3
Practice Exam 4
Practice Exam 5

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