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Put JER Online’s .EDU Channel Network To Work For You

JER Online is the perfect strategic partner you want to have on your side when it comes to reselling publisher developed online courses and certificates. Our carefully cultivated accredited .edu network, comprised of community colleges, state and land grant universities are ready, willing and eager to market your  on demand courses to their customers and clients. We do this using a Revenue Share Markup Model.  

Instant Access

It’s all in how you do it. Publishers list courses in JER Online’s Course Catalog Manager. The Manager activates listings throughout our network. The websites of our edu partners have an online course catalog that displays courses and certificates and processes enrollments (see below "EDU Course Catalog Examples").

Think of it this way. The Manager is like Air Traffic Control and JER Online EDU partners are all acting as points of sale. While customers are enjoying the shopping experience (front end), all of the transactions, records and processing information is being handled efficiently behind the scenes (back end).

JER Online’s proprietary Course Catalog Manager runs a complete turnkey operation that automates enrolments and will send them directly to you, our corporate partner for fulfillment.  

A Credible Source

JER Online engages in contractual partnerships with our national network of .edu partners. This allows us to bring programs of interest to the marketplace through this highly credible channel.

Some Specifics

JER Online works on the non-credit, workforce education side of the .edu business. As an organization we have 16 years of demonstrated business experience to handle all aspects of this type of venture utilizing a fully automated, turn-key operation.

Key Business Points

JER Online will:
  • Work out a share of revenue with your company regarding developed courses and create a wholesale pricing point
  • List your courses in our online catalog which is found on the websites of a national network of accredited edu partners at suggested retail
Our EDU partners will:
  • Act in the capability of points of sale
  • Market course availability though hard copy catalogs, social networking and other methods
Publishers will:
  • Fulfill enrollments that we send them electronically
  • Invoice and be paid by JER Online on a net 30
Your Next Strategic Move

We are offering both commercial and educational publishers of online courses, certificates, books, media, etc. an opportunity to tap into an unexpected source of revenue. Act quickly to be the first in your subject area to get listed in JER Online’s Course Catalog Manager.

For more details please write to or call 706-216-3406, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 EST.

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