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Comparison between JER Online and other providers

    JER Online Other providers
Courses Developed by JER Online, Corporate Workforce Vendors and Accredited .EDU Partners.  Developed by primarily by provider. 
Instruction Instructor led, mentored and self-directed corporate based.  Instructor-led. 
Student Access  After completion most courses allow up to 1 year student access to be used as a Handy Desktop Reference. 6 week.
Catalog 1000+/125+ Subject areas  (more online courses...all the time).  Approximately 300+. 
Types of Courses Single, certificate and corporate developed subscriptions.  Single & certificates.
LMS Corporate level with administrative rights for workforce employees and managers.  Provider brand limited to provider developed courses.
On Demand New courses available upon request within 1-4 weeks (on average). Lengthy development cycle precludes on-demand service. 
History Targeting Workforce, single student or groups of workforce employees.  Targeting personal enrichment primarily single students. 
Brand Saturation State-wide contracts along with national presence (limited direct competition between partners). On every block, around every corner up and down the street (significant competition for market share).
Business Model Turnkey revenue sets retail price. Pick and choose courses & certificates.  Turnkey revenue share. Entire catalog often required for doing business.
Collaboration Work with .edu partners to get their home grown online courses sold though our national network Primarily promote their own brand.
Innovation Single and specialty niche online catalogs that target specific types of customers and clients with specific content. Single online catalog.
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