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A Value Added Benefit for Associations & Their Memberships

What do Accredited Colleges and Universities and Associations have in common? They serve the needs of their customers and membership by providing workshops, seminars and continuing education programs. This is a value added benefit for associations and the membership they represent.

There is little doubt that in these economic times, online education can be a very important contributor to your members who are seeking a way to continue their education or move into new areas of interest.  While courses that some associations offer are specific to a particular niche area, it is likely that the membership would like to be given even more choices when it comes to what their educational membership benefits offer them.  

JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) a national provider of online continuing education with 16 years of distance ed business experience and an inventory of over 3000 online courses and certificates believes associations can benefit from an innovative approach that makes great business sense.

JER Online courses and certificates historically have been offered online through a growing network of accredited colleges and universities. Each school/state contracts with JER Online which adheres to the very highest standards and expectations. These programs are specific to the non-credit, continuing, career and workforce education side of academe A link is placed on the institution’s website that opens up a branded online course catalog. From here, customers and clients can shop for something of interest and enroll. Behind the scenes, JER Online’s Course Catalog Manager is running our program by displaying course titles and descriptions, creating records and data that are used for enrollment processing, course completion information, billing, and other administrative actions.

In this sense, we believe that associations and their members will benefit in much the same way as our .edu partners do.

How does this work? Are there any expenses we will incur by becoming a JER Online strategic partner? Can we pick and choose what courses we want to offer? These are among the most commonly asked questions.

Here are some key points to consider based on how JER Online does business with our existing .edu partners:
  • There are no out of pocket expenses associated with our program.
  • We offer a fully automated and turnkey operation.
  • Our web-based Course Catalog Manager runs on our server.
  • A branded partner “look and feel” online course catalog link displays on your site. Other display configuration options are possible.
  • A share of revenue for courses enrolled in is determined by a partner’s retail pricing over JER Online’s wholesale.
  • A partner picks and chooses only the courses and certificates they want to offer.
  • No partner IT resources are required.

Perhaps this is something your board has been discussing.  Or maybe, this is a new innovation that catches the reader’s interest. By making contact you will be able to learn more and get specific information. Dr. John Reid, JER Online Company President may be contacted below.

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