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JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) lists over 1000+, cost affordable, non-credit Courses and Certificates in its own proprietary online catalog. We are always adding "more courses...all the time " to a growing inventory.

The courses and certificates that comprise JER Online’s course catalog are developed by (1) JER Online, (2) a growing number of accredited .edu partners and by (3) corporate providers and associations. JER Online is one of the largest resellers of corporate developed online courses to the continuing workforce education marketplace.

Students who enroll in our courses are either employees of a company, consultants and freelancers or those seeking new career choices. All have an interest in mastering a particular subject.

JER Online sales partners include a national network of commercial and accredited colleges and universities that specialize in workforce and professional training.

The founder of our program, Dr. John Reid encourages collaborative and innovative ventures. According to Dr. Reid, "We are a business built on a free-flowing model that provides our customers with more choices and opportunities as to how they work with us or use our products and services. " His vision for providing an online resource for many different online courses and services continues to be expanded upon. He encourages direct contact regarding course acquisition, course development, and new strategic partnerships. You may make contact at

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